SERG public chain is a decentralized blockchain network implemented based on AOK Network, performs as the core of the AOK Ecosystem, launched in 2018. Many things can be done through the AOK Network chain, including token assets issuing, DAPP deployment and running, stake and vote for gains, assets transferring, Etc.
AOK Network chain is one of the most secure public chain systems at present. The reason it is outstanding is that the blockchain runs in a decentralized network environment, in which the creation and storage of the data do not rely on specific individuals or organizations, and the data is ensured to be never changed by cryptography.
AOK Network chain has better operational efficiency and stability than most public chains due to a well-designed architecture and code.


A function of Play-to-earn

Seiren Games users are owners of all the gaming assets they have. All in-game characters and equipment will be in the form of NFTs, which are verifiable assets on the blockchain. Players can have fun by playing Seiren games, meanwhile, they could make a profit by selling tokens and game equipment earned from games.

GameFi+ Metaverse

There are 3 stages for the Seiren War game development. Seiren war will be starting from building a Character Card game, with continuous exploration and development, evolving into 2D Metaverse and finally 3D Metaverse eventually.
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