1. This white paper is intended to help you understand the AOK business. Investors are encouraged to purchase through exchanges or open sales channels at their own discretion.

2. AOK, we do not guarantee return on investment to the buyer.

3. AOK, we do not guarantee the price after listing.

4. AOK, we do not promise repurchase at the specified price

5. AOK, we do not operate branch AOKs or sales agents.

6. AOK investors should make their own judgment that they are not in violation of the blockchain policy of each country.

7. Despite technical efforts, AOK may incur investment losses depending on market conditions.

8. Despite our efforts, market instability or risk of market collapse is possible.

9. AOK main notice is to prioritize the presentation of the homepage.

10. AOK Other policies are announced on the official website.

11. AOK is not a stock or any way of value guarantee.

12. AOK business model may change slightly depending on the agreement with the partner company.

13. Purchase of AOK coin must be done by the buyer himself according to local law, AOK does not make any legal guarantee for purchase.

14. Among the contents mentioned in this white paper, the business model may change its brand or target in the process.

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