AOK API refers to an application programming interface that can be useful in producing third-party software using AOK networks as a set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating application software.

AOK's API makes it convenient to perform a series of processes such as verifying the transmission history or checking the balance without directly operating the software node. The API of AOK is conveniently available in URL format, and all results are provided in JSON format with items, which is highly utilized.

🔗 AOK Network API Link: https://api.aok.network/

Types of APIs currently available

•/Info •/height/int:height •/block/string:hash •/header/string:hash •/range/int:height •/balance/string:address •/mempool/string:address •/unspent/string:address •/history/string:address •/transaction/string:hash •/mempool •/fee •/decode/string:raw •/broadcast

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