Core applications in the AOK ecosystem

1. Overview

AOK Network is a unique blockchain-based business platform, to help businesses make crypto transformation smoothly. AOK Network provides the ability to release digital assets, like tokens and NFT, reinforced with secured blockchain, becoming the most suitable way to release your digital asset.
What we need, is a new network, which will change the rules, and let users tokenize their assets in a smarter and more reliable way, that’s where AOK Network comes in.

2. Network Core Features

Run the AOK Network program for the OS you want to install.

2.1. Running the Wallet program

If run wallet, the program starts Block Sync automatically. you can check the process at the bottom of the program.

2.2. Description of display of Wallet program

Spendable: Amount of coin user can send.
Stake Weight: Amount of coins used for staking.
Immature Stake: Amount of coin after taking staking compensation.
Unconfirmed: Amount of coin waiting ‘confirm’ after the transaction (need minimum 1 confirm)

2.3. Setting password

Set the password and select [Setting >> Wallet Encryption] at the top of the program. The wallet password can be changed, but it cannot be recovered if the password itself is forgotten.

2.4. Creating an address

By default, Wallet generates one address, and in addition, users can create as many additional addresses as they want. If you select Receive from the left menu of the wallet, the generated address will appear, and you can also create a new address through the New Address button at the bottom.

2.5. Transfer coin

Select the Send menu from the left menu of Wallet to display a screen that allows you to transfer coins. Enter the recipient's wallet address and coin quantity and select the Send button at the bottom. If the password is set in the wallet, a password entry window appears and coins can be sent after entering the password.
The transfer fee can be set at [Settings >> Options >> Main] at the top of the wallet. If you select the Add Recipient button at the bottom an address entry window is added, which allows you to trade a large amount at once.

2.6. Checking transaction details

The Transaction menu provides all transactions made within the wallet, and option settings provide a simple view of the desired transaction details.

4.4.7. Address Book

The Address Book menu can store frequently used addresses and can be used to retrieve and process pre-saved addresses when sending coins.

2.8. Staking (PoS Mining)

It is possible to do PoS mining when coins are in the AOK Network Wallet.

2.9. Backup

By creating a Backup file, it is possible to recover Wallet when needed.

2.10. Restore

If you open your wallet when you lose your existing data, a new wallet is created. In this case, you can restore the wallet by moving the backup file created above to the path where the wallet is installed.

AOK's ecosystem growth

The healthy growth of AOK Network stream products. The products under development and testing are listed here:
  • AOK Network Swap Solution.
  • AOK DeFi & Staking Service.
  • AOK Network Bridge Solution.
  • AOK Network Decentralized Exchange, based on AOK Swap.
  • AOK Network Assets Platform.

AOK community products

AOK Network is widely recognized as the largest and strongest blockchain-based business platform, to help businesses make crypto transformation smoothly: