Please note that there are many things that could change the ordering of these priorities including massive traction, breakthrough research, and feedback from the community. In addition, it should be understood that these are projections that we are making to the best of our ability but are subject to many potential disruptions. AOK is a bleeding-edge game that's incorporating unfinished, risky, and highly experimental technology.


Q1. 2022

  • Offline Staking Node Update ✔️
  • Mainnet Server Update ✔️
  • AOK Mobile Wallet Swap Release ✔️

Q2. 2022

  • AOK Web Wallet Release ✔️
  • New AOK Explorer (AOKScan) Release ✔️
  • CEX Global Exchange Listing ✔️

Q3. 2022

  • AOK Network Coin Wrapping (Tokenization)
  • AOK Network Swap Solution Release
  • AOK Network Bridge Solution Release
  • DEX Global Exchange listings

Q4. 2022

  • AOK DeFi & Staking Service Launched
  • Development & Planning AOK Assets Platform
  • ERC20 Wallet Solution Release

Q1. 2023

  • AOK Network Decentralized Exchange Release
  • CEX Global Exchange Listing

Q2. 2023

  • AOK Network Assets Platform Release
  • Development & Planning of future AOK Network Upgrades